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In cases involving the cause of death, precise answers can be difficult to obtain.


At Private Autopsy, Inc. we are dedicated to help you find the answers you deserve.


Equipped with a nationwide network of certified forensic professionals, we connect you to expert autopsy services throughout the United States. 

Our Mission is to provide the utmost care, respect, and efficient professional autopsy services to obtain answers and closure to families.

If you are in search of assistance, we are here to help. 

Independent Private Autopsies

Independent Private Autopsies

Private autopsies are powerful tools that provide health information and answers to cause of death. The independent autopsy allows findings to be objective. 

Toxicology Services


Autopsies Throughout The USA

Forensic Autopsies

Private Autopsy INC. provides toxicology services to aid in medical or legal investigation of death, poisoning, and drug use.

Private Autopsy, INC

Independent Private Autopsies are conducted without bias to obtain the true cause of death. We provide this service with certified professionals in every State.


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