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Do I need a Private Autopsy?

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Independent private autopsies can be advantageous for some, and for others it is not necessary. The benefits of having a private autopsy done allows for investigation that might have not been done. In many areas around the United States and the world, cut backs in funding autopsies has decreased significantly.

Before 1970, the autopsy rate hovered around 60%. Today, the rate is closer to 5% and that might be generous. Forensic professionals have argued the importance of autopsies, stating that they are a professional obligation (1). Autopsies have discovered and defined new diseases, corrected misdiagnoses, and proved innocence and guilt in criminal cases.

Our position at Private Autopsy, INC is to understand your concerns and circumstances faced, determine if our professional experience can be beneficial or not and advise accordingly. We wish that we could help everyone, but that would be far-fetched and water down our resources limiting our value.

Here are two important topics to consider when inquiring about a private autopsy.

- Time one has been passed

Time is critical in helping to obtain information from private autopsies. When a body decomposes, it can interfere with the findings. In general, the deceased is taken to a morgue and a few days does not have much effect on the autopsy services. An autopsy can be done after a burial, however, the more time passes more limitations arise in the findings.

- Cost

Independent private autopsies can potentially help in litigation and other legal matters. The general cost of an autopsy can potentially be costly, so your ultimate goal and value placed on the findings is important. This is commonly a time of stress, angst, fear, and uncertainty. While an autopsy can assist in mitigating those emotions and assisting in finding answers, cost is an important topic to consider. All situations are different and the services that can provide the most benefits will vary. We at Private Autopsy, INC will do our best to provide options that will deliver the most value to you and your family.

There are many more factors and situations to consider when deciding on moving forward with an independent private autopsy. We will continue to cover pertinent topics on autopsies in our blog to better assist.

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